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Brief Monday Links


  • John Hollinger @ 4-Letter named Al Jefferson to his All-Breakout Team for this season.
  • MNSportsFans poster cmc32124 got some questions answered by Hollinger in today's chat:

    Chris, Detroit: With the Wolves getting wins in the preseason(2nd best record in the league 5-1) how does this translate to the regular season?
    John Hollinger: (3:10 PM ET ) It's actually a major positive when a bad team has a good preseason record, especially if they're right at the top of the preseason standings. Do not sleep on Minnesota, people, they look like they could stay in the playoff chase for a big chunk of the season.

    Chris, Detroit: Do you think the Wolves will have a chance at a playoff spot THIS YEAR?
    John Hollinger: (3:12 PM ET ) I can't seriously go that far ... I pegged them for 31 wins in my preview, and based on their preseason I might up that by a couple, but it's going to be awfully hard for them to crack the top eight out West.

    Chris, Detroit: You didnt mention Randy Foye for your Most Improved Player? I think hes got a shot to win that one....
    John Hollinger: (3:23 PM ET ) Another one that cause me to tear out my few remaining hairs, especially after that 15-assist game this weekend. I think Foye will be very solid; I'm just not sure he'll do anything beyond that, which is why I ended up not listing him.

    Chris, Detroit: Will David Harrison actually be able to do anything to help the wolves?
    John Hollinger: (3:30 PM ET ) I'm dubious, but we'll see if the usual training camp "he's got a new attitude!" stories are actually true. Watch how many illegal screens he sets, it's truly amazing. I mean, it's a screen -- all you have to do is stand there. For some reason, he has incredible difficulty with this concept.

    DaBet (Miami): You need to answer more questions from Chris in Detroit because so many people care about the Timberwolves.
    John Hollinger: (3:31 PM ET ) Sorry, haven't been reading names, just questions. I happen to think the T'wolves are a very interesting team to watch the first couple weeks, so that's why I'm talking a lot about them.

  • David Aldridge at listed the Wolves offseason at #5 behind New Jersey, Philadelphia, Portland and Washington.
  • Looks like Telfair's extension suspension will cost him about $84,000.
  • In a bid for some shameless self-promotion, Hoopus is entered in the Top Team Blog Contest. If you feel we're the best Wolves blog out there, go ahead and place a vote. If you don't, then go vote for someone else. If you hate politics, then stay home.