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Brief Wednesday Links: Preview Edition


  • Hardwood Paroxysm has some of the best/most entertaining basketball writing in the blogosphere. Today they posted their Wolves preview. Write Trey Kerby and Corndogg hate mail. Write Matt love letters.
  • In an odd coincidence, Ball Don't Lie also posted their Wolves preview today. Dwyer (or is it Skeets? the posting and authorship is so damn confusing over there) claims that everyone on the team is 6-8. Uh, fellas, Craig Smith is 6-6 ok? Just because McHale lists everyone at 6-8, doesn't mean they're actually 6-8.
  • And, rounding out the creepy coincidence triumverate is Four-letter with their Wolves preview.
  • The LA Times has a mind of their own. They posted their Wolves preview a couple days ago.