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Pink Slip Day

Don Seeholzer has a note from the coach about when the Wolves will slim their roster from 18 to the league max 15: the time is nigh. After tonight's game, the Wolves will send three guys packing. Let's run down the top candidates:

  • Blake Ahearn

    Why he'll stick: With Sebastian Telfair sitting for three games, the Wolves will need a point guard to back up Randy Foye. Ahearn is young, works extremely hard, has a team mentality and can shoot the lights out.

    Why he's gone: His contract isn't guaranteed, so there's no cost associated with cutting Ahearn. Essentially, he'll get cut if the Wolves choose Kevin Ollie over him. There's no way both of them get cut.

  • Calvin Booth

    Why he'll stick: The Wolves' front court is lacking height. We haven't had a healthy 7-footer all preseason, and Jason Collins won't be ready to play for a while. Booth hasn't ever produced anything to write home about, but he brings enough experience to this team to warrant backup center consideration (again, until Collins returns).

    Why he's gone: He's has been injured all preseason, and even when he was supposedly available last night against the Bulls he didn't see the court. I did, however, see him walking down 7th street after the game. He was on his phone and gave a head nod to my "What up Cal?" It was pretty much the greatest moment of my life. Anyway, his contract is guaranteed, but small, so letting him go wouldn't be a huge dent in the pocket book if another bubble-guy proves more attractive.

  • Brian Cardinal

    Why he'll stick: In order to cut him, Glen Taylor would have to eat the remaining $13 million guaranteed to the Janitor. After agreeing to do so with bad rapper T-Hud and disappointed vet Juwan Howard, I can't see Taylor letting a nice guy who doesn't whine about riding the pine collect a paycheck for playing somewhere else.

    Why he's gone: Cardinal's had injury problems this preseason, but made it into last night's Bulls game. 

  • David Harrison

    Why he'll stick: Like Booth, Harrison provides height in the middle. He's younger than Booth and has good shot-blocking and rebounding skills, but hasn't put together a consistently quality skillset.

    Why he's gone: Also like Booth, Harrison has had injury problems this preseason. Maybe he'll see the court tonight, but it'll be hard for Wittman and McHale to hold on to a guy who hasn't played one second with their team. His contract's not guaranteed either.

  • Kevin Ollie

    Why he'll stick: The Wolves need that third point guard. Ollie is a smart veteran with playoff experience. He won't dazzle or score buckets, but he won't make many mistakes either.

    Why he's gone: If the Wolves want shooting and potential over experience, they'll cut Ollie. His contract isn't guaranteed.

So, what say you Hoopus readers? There are 18 guys on the roster, 3 need to go. Who do you cut?