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Salute to Blake Ahearn



Since I did a salute to Kevin Ollie and I respect all of those blood, sweat and tears guys who fight every year for a shot at playing in the NBA, I decided it'd be fair to do a salute to Ahearn. Maybe, MAYBE, I'll do one for Araujo.

If you didn't already know Matt (of Hardwood Paroxysm and Ridiculous Upside) is a big Blake Ahearn supporter. Why, just the other day he was calling Ahearn v. Miller in HORSE as the to-see event of Wolves training camp. He is, as it turns out, the Interweb authority on Ahearn, as evidence by his article/interview with the man himself.

In fact, all you have to do to find out the important things you need to know about Blake Ahearn is to read that article.

If you don't want to cheer for this guy:

"Each level I've gotten to, people have doubted me. When I was in St. Louis, people said I should play in a small, Division II school. I went to a Division I. Then in college, my coach said if I made a shot, or made a three in the game, that'd be good. I started scoring consistently. I don't look like a basketball player. People don't think I can do it. That's why I work so hard, I want to prove people wrong."

His game is clearly inspired by Steve Nash, and you can see it with the way he approaches the game, right down to the way he tests the perimeter like Nash. He also has mastered the fundamentals to add the little details to his package. And when I say mastered, I mean mastered.

... then by all means, don't read this article.

But, if you want to really understand why Blake Ahearn is the backcourt version of a Marty Conlon, then read this article.