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GameThread -8: Preseason Gm 1 @ MIL

So here we are. The Wolves are set to take on their first opponents in Year 1 of the Kevin Love Era. Or is it Year 2 of the Al Jefferson Era? Or Year 3 of the Randy Foye Era? Or Year 4 of the Rashad McCants Era? Year 6 of the Mark Madsen Era. Yeah, that's got a nice ring to it.

Regardless, the Minny NBA faithful have much more pressing questions than these.

How will Al Jefferson's game grow? Will Love's game translate to the NBA at all? Are Rashad and Randy physically healthy and mentally prepared for the amount they'll need to produce for this team to win? Is anyone going to play defense?

Strangely enough, the answers to that first set questions are pretty much the same answers to that set of pressing questions.

This is a young group with spots of maturity, a small track-record of success and a lot of naysayers.

It's also a young group that seems fully aware of its situation and has gained a bit of momentum from the end of last year and through the offseason.

Yeah, it's just preseason and our best players will get limited burn, but I think the amount and scale of the questions facing this team make for a rather intriguing storyline this season. I'm interested to see how it ends.