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Wolves Sign Harrison

It turns out that the speculation during training camp was true. According to Jerry Zgoda at the Strib:

The Timberwolves will sign former Indiana Pacers center David Harrison to a one-year, non-guaranteed contract while they're in Denver for Friday's preseason game against the Nuggets.

I posted this in the comments of the rumor we posted earlier:

David Harrison is a 7’ 280lb center that just spent the last 4 years with Indiana. He’s 26 and went to Colorado. They didn’t make him a qualifying offer this summer, nor did they try to sign him.

In 189 NBA games, Harrison has averaged 5pts, 3reb, 1blk and 53% FG. All in 14 mpg.

He was charged in the Palace brawl, but never penalized by the league.

He got a five-game suspension last year for violating the league’s anti-drug policy (99% likely to have been marijuana, can’t find the confirmation) but was apologetic to the team and community.

Overall I think it’s a low-risk, med-reward move. But given his size he could very well find a guaranteed minimum deal somewhere, and I’d rather have some camp battles.

That being said, I suppose he’d be more valuable than Calvin Booth on potential alone, and maybe on skill.

With Booth and Cardinal having yet to play, and Araujo hasn't apparently satisfied (given his DNP tonight), it certainly makes sense to bring in another big body for a tryout.

And by the way, did anyone see Four-letter's highlights of tonight's game that didn't mention ONE Timberwolf???