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Portland @ Minnesota Recap: Gross


Quoth Skyner last night:

It is physically impossible to shoot a basketball when you have both hands wrapped around your throat.

Hoopus was attending the game last night, drinking and chatting a lot, but it was still a terrible game obvious enough how bad last night was. Not only is the fan psyche either in shambles or rioting, think of how down the team must be. Sure would be great if we had a coach people were confident could pull a young team used to losing out of a downward spiral. Alas, our coach has a career 32.8 winning percentage.

Here are some links to solidify what a terrible game last night was:

  • Yahoo! Box Score. While technically accurate, this doesn't show how many times Blake nailed Telfair.
  • PopcornMachine's GameFlows are something you should check out regularly. Let me warn you about looking at last night's GameFlow: the Wolves were ahead for what looks to be about 90% of the game.
  • BlazersEdge has their game recap up ahead of us. Perhaps celebrating gives you more energy than crying yourself to sleep. They hit all the points: Portland won the end of a road trip, Portland took more 3s, Przybilla and Oden did a good job minimizing the damage of our paint scorers.
    Summation: One quarter of decent offense and poor defense. Two-and-a-half-quarters of anti-inspiration. Six minutes of energy and the ballgame. It won’t work every night, but it did on this one.
  • The Star Tribune roundup and the Pioneer Press roundup. Also, Al wonders if there is a "curse" on the team. There may be. The curse could be spelled "W-I-T-T-M-A-N," or "M-C-H-A-L-E," or "T-A-Y-L-O-R." But I'm no witch doctor, so you tell me.
  • There were "boos" at the buzzer last night. I just hope that the 27 fans left in the stands booed loudly enough for Taylor, McHale, Wittman and the players to hear.
  • Having said all that, Hoopus was actually a guest of the team last night. So a huge thank you goes out to their ticketing team! Unfortunately you can't market your way out of a 1-7 hole.

[Editor's note: my editing sucked the first time around. Apologies.]