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GameThread 9: @ Denver


Only thing that really matters tonight: Will the Wolves rebound mentally from the embarrassing loss last night?

Other relevant items:

  • Check out Pickaxe and Roll for all your Denver Nuggets needs.
  • Al Jefferson should be effective tonight. K-Mart's a better help-side and perimeter defender than in the low-post and Nene's better as an active, disruptive defender than bodying up. If the Wolves can get Al the ball down on the low block, he should have a field day unless Nene and K-Mart can effectively double-team him. If they are, then Mike Miller, Rashad McCants and Randy Foye better start hitting shots. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
  • Speaking of our guards, if any of them would like to start playing well on a consistent basis, now is a really good time.
  • Kevin Love has looked a little slowed winded by the speed and frequency of NBA games. That will not bode well for him playing an up-and-down frontcourt like Denver's. He's also been struggling mightily from the field, so his prospects on offense look better down low than on the elbow for the same reasons Al should have a decent night.

Game Time: 7pm Central

Broadcast: KSTC, KFAN

After last night's game I'm not sure who needs a win tonight more, the fans or the players.