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GameThread: vs. DEN


Pickaxe and Roll | Four-Letter | Yahoo

The Wolves host Northwest Division rivals the Denver Nuggets (10-6) tonight, coming off of last night's squeaker in OKC. The Nuggets boast a 5-4 road record. We lost in Denver on 11/16 by 6 points.

Take a look at the Game Flow from last night and notice the two runs that OKC went on in the 4th quarter. It's not easy to survive that, but thanks to Miller's last-second shot, Wittman kept his job.

I've been in the San Francisco area all weak, so unfortunately I missed the Suns and Thunder games, and will miss the game tonight. But I've gotten to see plenty of Jamal Crawford and the Warriors. They were up by 13 on the Celtics at half, then lost by 8. They also lost to the Wizards by 24. So the Wolves didn't have the worst week in basketball.