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It Was 19 Years Ago Today


On November 2, 1989 the Minnesota Timberwolves played their first game (against the Seattle Supersonics coincidentally). It's not really 20 years ago (19, in fact) but this is the 20th season so I figured it was an appropriate day to mark.

I wasn't a Minnesotan back then, so I was cheering for the Milwaukee Bucks (which had a couple Wolves ties that year with Randy Breur and Jerry Sichting spending time on the roster).

Thanks to the fantastic website, here's a list of the Timberwolves' accomplishments in 19 seasons:

  • All-Time Record (to date): 649 - 877 (.425)
  • Division Championships: 1
  • Playoff Appearances: 8
  • Western Conference Finals Appearances: 1
  • NBA Finals Appearances: 0
  • Head Coaches: 8 (Flip Saunders is the only one to have ever taken the team to the Playoffs)
  • Players: 147
  • All-Star Appearances: 13 (10 by Kevin Garnett; 1 each by Tom Gugliotta, Wally Szczerbiak, and Sam Cassell)
  • All-NBA Appointments: 9 (8 by Kevin Garnett; 1 by Sam Cassell)
  • League MVPs: 1

Any others to add? I'd also invite anyone who was living here to share memories of the year spent in the Metrodome. Any lifetime season ticket holders out there?