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A Big Trade and Fond Farewell

Looks like the Pistons finally shook up their team...from the AP:

DETROIT (AP) -- The Detroit Pistons shook the NBA in a big way Monday -- landing former MVP Allen Iverson from the Denver Nuggets.

The Pistons gave up All-Star point guard and former NBA finals MVP Chauncey Billups, top reserve Antonio McDyess and project Cheikh Samb.

"We just felt it was the right time to change our team," Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars told The Associated Press. "Iverson gives us a dimension that we haven't had here and we really think its going to help us"

I think the trade may help both teams. Denver wasn't going anywhere this year standing pat; whether it helps Motown get over the top will now become a fascinating storyline for the rest of the year.

On another, much less important note, I'll be ducking out of doing regular posting here at Canis. It's been a lot of fun; this joint is one of the best blogs around. I'll be doing some stuff over at my initial site--Hoops Springs Eternal--and I might drop in here to do a Madman Diary or two, depending on how the year goes. A big thank you goes to Wyn and S-N-P for putting up with me since last February. At least I didn't break any china.