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Back by Miniscule Demand - Diary of a, Coaching Genius

(I told Wyn and S&P I'd drop in with a little cynicism once in awhile, just to spice things up. What better way than another diary missive from Master McHale? I mean, If you can't laugh at this club, what's left?- Peter)

Kevin's Journal Entry - December 14,2008
"A Hall of Fame career, an elite basketball broadcaster, and way over a decade of developing this team, and it all comes down to this:

Head coaching.

Traveling on planes with poor leg room, having to answer stupid questions in triplicate from no-nothing reporters or--heaven forbid--wannabe bloggers. After years of putting this franchise on my back, this is what I get.


There are days where I'd like to march right up to the front office, confront all of my "friends", and pull a finger pointing Laettner on them..."loser, loser, loser...winner (pointing to myself of course). I mean, what's Stack ever done, really? Babcock? Please. I think Vince Carter is still laughing at the way he was able to get out of Toronto. Hoiberg? He'd be nothing without me!

This is what "corporate loyalty" and the "old boys network" are all about?  During the holiday season? It's like reading that two of the three wise men turned their back on the other one and told him to get lost.

Well, I'll show them. I have assembled the best young talent in the NBA; it's not my fault that no one else can coach these kids. Yeah, I'll have to get on the whole X's and O's thing, and be better at adjusting my schemes (it was embarrasing how Anthony rung us up for 33 in one quarter; couldn't any of my "assistants" produce a plan to stop him, and help a Hall of Famer out? Who hired those guys, anyway?). But, I'll get some wins out of the club (mostly in February and March, when no one else cares), just enough to make it really difficult to bounce me. Then we'll see what happens.

I'm going to love the look on Stack's face when I tell him his proposed trades are crappy, and I can't use the players he wants to bring in. Or Hoiberg and Babcock, when I tell them how worthless those draft choices are. I am going to be such a pain in the tush that Mr. Taylor--it used to be Glen until last week--is finally going to have to choose between them, and me. He'll have to choose between an accomplished, loyal, Hall of Famer, one of the best basketball minds in the world, and those other rubes. I simply need better people to execute around Petersen. He gets me.

I wrote it here first...I'm not going to be 0-3 for long!

Merry Christmas."