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Game Thread: Get the man some baby powder


The Cleveland LeBrons are coming to town!!! The Cleveland LeBrons are coming to town. Will Minny fans be treated to the Nike Baby Powder Special? Why is this faux-iconic image being shoved down basketball fans' throats? Doesn't anyone remember a certain number 21 and the powder splash? When will we here in Minnesota make it back above 10 degrees?

Sorry, I can't really think of anything better to say about tonight's game. I suspect it will be ugly. The LeBrons are really, really, really good. Here is what I would like to see out of the Wolves: 98-100 pace factor, 28 FTA, +4 OReb, TO parity, and 45% shooting. These aren't out-of-the-world goals. I would like to see some plays run for K-Love that put him on the high post or pair him for a pick and pop with either Randy Foye or Kevin Ollie. I don't want to see Brian Cardinal. I want to see some 4 out/1 in sets. I want Mike Miller to force a three.

For the LeBrons' perspective on tonight's festivities, please check out our sister site, Fear the Sword.

Tonight's game thread side-topic is bad TV series. My two nominees are Fish Police and Manimal. What say you?