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Checking in on the Record Books

From The Longest List of the Longest Stuff at the Longest Domain Name at Long (seriously):

What was the longest NBA losing streak?

For  some reason we had a bit of a hard time finding and confirming this record, maybe it's a NBA cover-up.

The record for the longest losing streak in the NBA is held by two lowly teams, the 1995-96 Vancouver Grizzlies and the 1997-98 Denver Nuggets, each losing 23 games in a row.

I don't know if we fans should be rooting for the Wolves to beat the streak and go in the record books, or to not break the streak and keep some modicum of pride. We're a long way from losing 23 straight games (i.e. we've currently lost 11 straight), but the thought of being the best at something (even if it is consecutive losses) is starting to have some appeal.