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Game Thread: Here we go again


(Rib dinner plate from the Whole Hog Cafe in Little Rock, AR)

Well Wolves fans, it's yet another game against yet another Texas team who are on the 2nd night of a B2B. Will we see a different result? Will K-Love get more than 7 minutes of action? Will Kevin McHale flee into the Texas Hill Country after yet another loss? Residents of central texas beware, a 6'10" pasty-white Iron Range beast may be roaming the area near New Braunfels come tomorrow morning. Hopefully, Schlitterbahn is closed for the season and you will be spared the sight of something truly awful.

As a one time resident of the great state of Texas (San Angelo) I miss me some Lone Star about this time of year. Were I deep down south for tonight's tilt, I think I would catch the game on my laptop aircard and head on up to Lockhart for a meal at Smitty's before camping out in Lexington until Snow's opens up on Saturday morning (they close when they sell out of food). As long time readers of this blog know I am something of a BBQ snob and while I will always be partial to pork, Memphis style, and SE mustard-based sauces, Smitty's and Snow are the two finest examples of Texas BBQ in the world. Should any of you be considering a capital crime in a state that has the death penalty on the books (hello Texas), either of these two establishments would make for a fine last meal. Speaking of last meals, this will be the topic for tonight's game thread. Were you to find yourself on the wrong side of the law after an attempt to go out in style, where would order out from? I'd dial me up a pork sandwich from Three Little Pigs, a plate of dry ribs from Corky's, a big plate of potato salad from the Whole Hog Cafe and a nice big pitcher of whiskey sour.

Getting back to the basketball, here's hoping for an entertaining game. Enjoy Christmas and we'll talk to you later.

PS: If you're looking for the Spurs side of things, please check out our excellent sister site Pounding the Rock.