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GameThread: @ NY Knicks

Although it's from the New York rumor machine, there's a story in today's New York Post speculating about Sebastian Telfair to the Knicks. It's too much of a coincidence that the teams are playing each other tonight and Telfair's from Coney Island for this story to have much legitamacy. Besides, with Chris Duhon and Nate Robinson performing adequately at point guard, I can't imagine Telfair's really on their radar.

But as we've found out this year, speculation is good fun when there's nothing better to discuss.

While that may be true for the Wolves, the Knicks are (surprise!) not too bad in Year 1 of the Mike D'Antoni/Donnie Walsh regime. Walsh, remember, is the one I referenced in the profile on David Morway (and yes, I'm working on Dennis Lindsey). Walsh has done a fantastic job of cleaning up Isiah Thomas's salary cap and roster mess. I didn't care for the Danilo Gallinari pick and trading away Renaldo Balkman, but they're 11-16. While it's not a great record, they're better than I and most people expected them to be, AND they're in a better position for 2010 than they were before Walsh.

As for tonight's game and our beloved Wolves, there's not much new to report. Mike Miller is still expected to sit. They've had a couple days to practice, something Kevin McHale says he relishes.

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