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Game Thread: Hoping for Magic


It's Magic time for Our Beloved Puppies Zombies. Will they be able to take advantage of a depleted Orlando backcourt? Will they provide Magic fans with three tasty meals? Will Randy Wittman get his players to play to his much talked about game plan? Will we see the much ballyhooed lineup of Sebastian Telfair, Kevin Ollie, Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal, and Mark Madsen? Will Kevin McHale still be toting along with the squad on yet another road game? Will Al Jefferson see yet another defense geared to stop him and no one else?

The answers to these questions and many more tonight at 6PM CST.

Here's hoping for a win some magic.

Be sure to check out Third Quarter Collapse for all your Magic needs. Ben Q. Rock is one of the best.

PS: For a good quick read, check out this excellent take on Corey Brewer's injury from the City Page's Benjamin Polk. Brewer was one of the really fun players to watch on this squad and he will be missed.

1st quarter update:

  • Everyone on the Wolves is in the negative.
    Only 2 3 point shots.
    even turnovers
  • poor, poor shooting (33%)
    Courtney Lee and Battie played good minutes off the bench for the Magic

2nd quarter update:

  • Wolves are annihilating the Magic on the glass (12-18) to (0-15).
    The Wolves only have 8 points to show for their 12 offensive rebounds.
  • Wolves are getting annihilated at the line (9-12) to (4-6)
  • The Wolves are shooting 34% from the field. Foye and Jefferson have accounted for 15 of the team's 32 misses.
    Bassy, Jefferson, Booth (!) and Love are the only players with net positives.
    The Wolves have taken 17 more shots than the Magic and they are down by 6. Let me repeat that: they have taken 17 more shots than the Magic and they are down by 6. One more time: they have taken 17 more shots than the Magic and they are down by 6.

3rd quarter update:

  • This is getting fugly.
    Witt forgot he had a bench
  • Miller rolled his ankle
  • The Wolves had 0 offensive rebounds in the quarter
  • The Magic have made more FTs than the Wolves have attempted
  • The Wolves are shooting 33% from the field
  • Why is Craig Smith on the court?