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8:24 AM, still employed


No need for a game wrap.  You know what happened.  Rock. Bottom. 

UPDATE: 11:28 AM and as far as we know both Kevin McHale and Randy Wittman are still employed.  Peter continues his search for the real Timberwolves here.  Question for our readers: Is is possible to run a franchise further into the ground than what the Iron Ranger has done with the Wolves?  Is Matt Millen the only legit competition? It's one thing to make bad decisions; it's quite another to make decision after decision that brings about the worst possible outcome for your squad.  Simple error is bad enough.  Maximized disaster is what we have here.  Remember this:

"Every time you thought, 'I just don't know how this is going to go,' we'd turn around and win three or four in a row," McHale said. "With 42 games left to go, we wanted to make sure Randy had the time to get things going."

This site will feature wall-to-wall Minnesota Swarm coverage if Witt isn't joined on the way out the door by the man who brought him in to clean up the Dwayne Casey "mess".

UPDATE ii: 2:52 PM, Still employed.  Here's another question: if Witt and McHale aren't fired at this point, who here amongst us trusts them to make the changes this club needs?  Surely McHale can't be trusted with another roster/coaching move.