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This is the man who needs to go


BTW: as of 7:39 on Monday morning both he and his choice to clean up the Dwayne Casey mess scapegoating situation are still employed by your favorite franchise. If the reports are true, will McHale be man enough to coach this mess (presumably to a .500 record) or will he walk away to the north woods as a disgraced coward?

No bailouts for McHale!!!

UPDATE: 9:44 AM and still employed. Let's take a trip down memory lane (November 20th):

"If I worried about the short term, and I looked at the economy and all my companies, if I based things on that, then I'd fire all my presidents because they had a bad month," Taylor said. "I've been through ups and downs. You've got to be patient. I think Randy has prepared (the players) well. We've just got to get them some confidence. They're still young."

How good is Papa Glen's word?  Is this team any less young?  Have we magically traveled more than a month away from this statement? Are they dealing with a different roster? Stick. Eye. Poke.  This team is run by a group of clowns with zero responsibility and nothing but fat buyout checks waiting at the finish line. 

The Minnesota Swarm begin their season on January 3rd.

UPDATE ii: Rumor has it a 2 PM presser has been scheduled.  Any confirmation from our readers?