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Last Chance

I'm writing this post before the Wolves take the court against Detroit (we're in the middle of transitioning the blog over to SB Nation), but win or lose, the Wolves are on the verge of not achieving something that is achieved more often than not by even the worst of teams: a 3 game win streak. The Wolves are currently playing .263 ball. The chances for a .250 team to have at least one three game winning streak during an 82 game season is 68%. If you take into account the Wolves are playing over .250 ball, they have right around a 70% chance of having a 3 game winning streak. In other words, it is more likely than not that they should have popped off three in a row at some point during this season.

Looking back on the Wolves' worst seasons of all time, even the 15 win squad in 91-92 had a three gamer between games 72-74. The 19 win 92-93 squad won three in a row between games 67-69. The 1st year Musselman's won four in a row between games 48 and 51. The only bad Wolves squads that didn't have 3 game winning streaks are the 20 win 93-94 and the 21 win 94-95 units. Interestingly enough, the Wolves' last three game winning streak came last year between games 34-36. The coach at the time was Dwayne Casey, who was fired four games later so that Country Club Affirmative Action hire Randy Wittman could take charge of the club and instil some discipline and consistency. That's right folks, the Wolves have not had a 3 game winning streak since Witt took his place at the head of the bench.

You'll have to go all the way back to Cleveland to get a three gamer out of Witt. The Cavs had a 6 game winning streak between games 17-22 at the beginning of the 00-01 season. Witt's overall record since replacing the superior Casey is 33-89, or .371 ball. The chances of a .371 team having at least one three game winning streak in an 82 game season is...wait for it...96%.

To give you an even greater idea of just how common at least one three game winning streak is for even the worst of clubs, this year's Seattle Sonics had a three gamer between games 45-47. The LA Clippers began the season on a four game run. Even the New York Knicks ran off three in a row between games 36 and 38. Memphis did not have a three game win streak. Their last three gamer came at the end of last season, with the final win coming against the Wolves. Miami also did not have a three gamer this year. However, their chances of having a three game win streak are significantly lower than the Wolves; under 50% to be more precise. So, with the Detroit game upon them, it is the Wolves' last chance to eke one of these three gamers out of the bag. Will they do it? Can they do it? Will Flip Saunders lay down and let them do it? end the season with intrigue.