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Section 210, Row R, Seat 13, 14

Even though I've never minded the upper level at Target Center, I'm a little bitter tonight. One of the Wolves esteemed ticket sales folks--Wes--leaves a voice mail last week and tells me that because I've been a partial season ticket holder in the past, they're inviting me and a guest to Fan Appreciation Night, gratis. They offered lower level tickets, and of course, the keepsake Big Al Coin Bank. After chatting with the Mrs., I decided to take her on a date--after all, what could I lose?

Apparently, some respect.

After having a lovely happy hour at the 508 Restaurant down the street, we show up at will call as instructed by our man Wes. Of course, the tickets aren't there, and apparently they have to go checking to see if this is a righteous claim, or if my wife and I are two inebriated folks off the street trying to see if we can talk our way into the game, even though people were offering prime tickets outside the TC for nearly nothing. Soon after, one of the dance ingenues comes by with an envelope! Our tickets are here! We're on our way to the lower level, expecting to get a pitch to get some season tickets once we're in the section.

Then I pay closer attention to where we're sitting: yep, the title of this post states it clearly. We did however, get our Big Al Coin Bank. After sitting up in our free seats for about 10 minutes, I decided that was it, I'm not sitting around to watch a meaningless game in crappy seats. 15 minutes before the game, we took our coin banks and headed home, deciding to watch the game and the Clinton-Obama debate on television.

Even though I'm an Obama supporter, I assure you I am NOT an elitist. I strongly believe, however, that if someone says they're going to offer you something, they should follow through with no bait and switch, even though it may be free. If this is how the Wolves try to get folks back in the seats without winning...good luck. Hope the lottery pick season ticket promotion goes over big for them, because the way this franchise is going, one dollar per game season tickets will seem exorbitant after a few more years.

I'm done whining now...oh yeah, the Wolves and Bucks played pickup basketball into overtime, with the Wolves winning by nine 110-101. Foye scored 32, but was abused nearly all night by a second round rookie draft pick named Ramon Sessions, who's coming on for the Bucks late this season. Confetti fell to the ground, and Foye told everyone he and Shaddy can make a real difference next season.

Hmm...could be another bait and switch in the making. On to the lottery!