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Recommended Reading 4/20

Rod Benson @ Ball Don't Lie: Creating my virtual self. Not Wolves related, but Rod Benson is the best player/blogger in existence now that Paul Shirley hung up his towel. Rod averaged 13/12 this season and if he's not invited to the Wolves camp, I may cancel my credit card order for season tickets. Thats right, I bought two seats that will max out at $5 each. If we have some luck, they'll be $1 a pop. Anyway, if you haven't ever created yourself in a sports video game, you don't like sports video games. Lottery luck? McHale more excited about core. As you no doubt have heard, the Wolves won a coin flip against Memphis to secure the 3rd highest odds of winning the May 20th lottery. The interesting part here, however, are these two nuggets:

Neither McHale nor Wittman would divulge the order, but the Wolves have prioritized their restricted free agents and plan to match any offers made by other teams to their favorites. Gomes is likely at or near the top of that list. "He's a guy that we definitely want to bring back," McHale said.
Finally, McHale offered no hint that he's anywhere near ready to retire, mentioning several times his appreciation of these new players and their attitude throughout a challenging season. "I want this team to be in really good shape. I want this team to be competitive, going for the playoffs, and trying to put a championship-caliber team together that can make a run and keep it together,'' McHale said.


Charley Walters @ Star Tribune: Glen Taylor likes Timberwolves' youth. Well, that's good news. The article cites Wolves' losses at $10 million this year. Funny, that's exactly as much as it scites as being paid to Howard and Hudson this year. Not to mention Udrih, Simien and Ratliff.

Before we talk about Rashad McCants' future with this franchise this is required reading. It's a story from SI done months before Shad won a championship with Roy Williams and the Tar Heels. Reading about him then and thinking about him now, I'm not so sure McCants has gotten passed the team issues that dogged him there.

Although it's not directly Wolves-related, you've no doubt heard that the NBA owners have approved the Sonics franchise's move to Oklahoma City. This is simply heart-breaking on account of how vehemently Sonics fans fought to keep their team. Apparently Mark Cuban and Paul Allen were the only two owners to vote against.