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Stop Loss--Wolves Style

Generalissimo Sid Hartman, in his Star Tribune column today:

"Mark Madsen, Greg Buckner, Antoine Walker and Michael Doleac played little for the Wolves at the end of the season. But Kevin McHale said their veteran influence was so important that he would like most of them back. Doleac is the only free agent of the group. He said he had not made up his mind to retire and might want to come back with the Wolves if he was wanted."

If I were one of that group, why would I want to come back and not play for this bunch? Mark Madsen may not have a choice in the matter, but I would think particularly Buckner and Walker are pleading with their, agent, that they have served their tour of duty honorably, and it's time to move on. Another season like the that, and there may be irreparable harm done to the psyche of both player and fans alike.

Then again, the club IS supposed to win 20 more games next year, so maybe more of a veteran presence will be required. They can use Walker's mortar firing skills to good use in disorienting and scattering the opposition.

Asking those guys back...drafting Kevin Love...we've got a 20 game improvement guaranteed!