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Quotes to Remember Beyond 42-40


McHale in the Strib:

On why he keeps on keeping on at a job most Wolves fans hope he'd leave: "I love basketball. I'll be on my deathbed and I'll love basketball. I don't do it for any other reason than I absolutely love basketball. ... I want this team to be in really good shape. I want this team to be competitive, going for the playoffs and trying to put a championship-caliber team together that can make a run and keep it together."

Glen Taylor in Grandpa Sports' column (otherwise known as Glen's Nookie Blankie; where he goes to talk when things are too bad and nasty elsewhere):

According to Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, it is unlikely the club will add any high-priced free agents for the 2008-09 season.

"Probably not next year because next year I'm still paying [Troy] Hudson and I'm paying [Juwan] Howard. I still have to pay those salaries somewhat, so I think next year our biggest goal will be probably the draft choices. We should get our own high one and then depending on what Miami does, maybe theirs. So I think that will be our best chance to improve next year. It's a couple years out that we have our contracts coming, they end, that we have the money for the free agents."

Here's Grandpa Sports and Glen just over a month ago:

Taylor said how the team comes out in the lottery and how many of the current players re-sign will determine whether the team will have money to sign any key free agents.

"We are doing a study of all the guys [free agents] that will be available," he said. "I can tell you at this time if we re-sign all of our guys we won't have room to do it, but if we don't sign some of our guys, then that will be the alternative."

Remember folks, not only does Grandpa Sports thoroughly research his material, but Mr. Taylor has a well-thought out plan. 

Back in the real world, anyone with a calculator and a team program could have told you back in November that there never was any free agent money to begin with.  However, the team wants fans to make believe things like this: Theo Ratliff's deal gives us additional options!!! Or this: T-Hud and Howard just showed up all on their own!!!

At least Glen and I are in agreement as to the team's on court value, as our $43 season ticket deposit can attest to.  Anywho, on with the quotes.  Here's Glen in the PiPress:

Taylor is hoping for what he called "pure luck" in next month's NBA draft lottery.

"I mean, if we're lucky in the lottery, it's a lot easier to make a decision," he said. "If we fall back, then there's a group of players and a lot more studying has to be done about which one you'll take. That's why I think we have worked so hard this year, so we are prepared for every scenario."

The Wolves budgeted to lose about $20 million this season. But, Taylor said Wednesday, that has been reduced to about $10 million through some dealings.

How much do T-Hud and Howard cost again?

More PiPress action:

McHale said he likes Snyder and Telfair but will wait until after the draft to determine whether he will extend qualifying offers.

Wittman and McHale agree that the Wolves need more perimeter shooters to punish defenses when they double-team franchise player Al Jefferson in the post. And the team has to improve on defense. The Wolves' perimeter players gave up penetration too easily, and Jefferson didn't guard well down low.

As someone who has watched the team closely all season, and who has been a fan from the get-go, let me put these quotes in a bit of context: they're really banking on a top 2 pick. 

The worst kept secret of the Let's Build a Blueprint extravaganza is that it is hinged on a single fairy tale concept: the Return of Basketball Jesus, or And Then Something Magical Happened (ATSMH).  Bassy is on free agent hold until the team knows whether or not Derrick Rose can be obtained.  Snyder is on hold until they know if they can get a small forward with the top pick.  Gomes is going to get an offer no matter what and Smith and Richard are only going to be around if the team can't make a deal to move its 2nd rounders for something a bit better.  If none of this can be accomplished--if they end up with the 6th pick and Kevin Love--they still don't have the money to sign Bassy, Synder, Smith, and Richard and they probably weren't going to do so anyway. 

The important thing in all of this is that there is the appearance of a plan/blueprint. They're all working hard preparing for every scenario--even though about 50% of the "plan" can be deciphered on the internets while the other 1/2 is blind luck. 

Oh well, I shouldn't complain.  Season tickets could be $1/game, Kevin McHale is having fun, Grandpa Sports is still around to run interference, and something magical just may happen.