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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

Draft Express just posted salary and agent data on their website. I have already spotted a few errors in their salary data, but all oneupsmanship aside, the agent list is pretty interesting when it comes to the Wolves:

Looks like Corey Brewer and Chris Richard have the same agent. No surprise seeing as how they both went to Florida (Noah has the same agent too). But, you have to wonder if Bill Strickland got into McHale's ear about picking Richard.

Another interesting pair is Al Jefferson and Rashad McCants. One would think Jeff Schwartz could've used re-signing Al Jefferson as leverage to give Shad an extension. But that's a non-factor with Al already locked up.

The other important bit here, of course, is the agent of potential draftees. Although a franchise never wants to be underhanded more than once when dealing with agents, it never hurts to have connections to Derrick Rose's agent. Maybe they can get a more informative workout, maybe their's some hard-to-find tidbit of information that pops out of that relationship. Then again, maybe not.