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Final Draft Board Before the Lotto

It's time once again to revisit the SNP Canis Hoopus Draft Board. 

Here's how things played out the last time around:

  1. Michael Beasley
  2. Donte Green
  3. Danilo Gallinari
  4. Anthony Randolph
  5. Derrick Rose
  6. Roy Hibbert
  7. Brook Lopez
  8. Deandre Jordan

With no further delay, here's the updated list:

  1. Michael Beasley
  2. Derrick Rose
  3. Danilo Gallinari
  4. Anthony Randolph
  5. Chris Douglas Roberts
  6. Donte Green
  7. Brook Lopez
  8. Deandre Jordan
  9. Chase Budinger
  10. Joe Alexander

A few notes:

- I've finally given up on my "don't-draft-Rose-because-you-can't-draft-3 6'3" guards-in-the-last-4-drafts" stance.  The guy is that good, this is a 2 player draft and the Wolves would be insane not to grab him if they have the chance. 

- I think Rose's tournament performance caused a lot of people to forget about just how good of a year Beasley had.  Let's take a quick look at some of their stats (basic numbers listed in 40 min/pace adjusted stats):

Beasley Rose
FTA 10.0 6.7
FTM 7.7 4.8
OREB 4.7 1.8
3P% 37.9 33.7
eFG% 56 52
TS% 61 56
PPR -6.72 1.52
eff/40 37.7 21.8
% tm reb 33.7 12.0
PER 39.3 24.1

Remember why the Wolves lost games: a massive free throw disparity, turnovers, poor shooting, and poor offensive rebounding performances.  The only category in which Rose provides a clear advantage over Beasley is PPR (TO).  In all of the rest, Beasley takes the cake by a wide margin.  Forget all the nonsense about where Big Al would play and whether or not Beasley has the goods to play the 3: Beasley will likely give whoever selects him 17/8 off the bat.  Coming into college he was viewed as a dynamic wing player and he adjusted his game to spectacular effect in order to make up for K-State's lack of size.  Beasley would give the Wolves a good shooting wing player who can hit from all over, get to the rim, draw fouls, get to the line, and kill on the glass.  On offensive rebounding and free throw potential alone, he should top the Wolves' list. 

- The Wolves should not draft Brook Lopez with their top pick no matter where they end up.  Lopez is a college 7 footer who shot below 50% from the floor while not having a great rebound rate or blocking a ton of shots.  These stats are gigantic red flags that should make any team thinking of selecting him in the top 5 have second thoughts. 

- After Rose and Beasley, the draft is a crap shoot for scoring wings, defensive centers, and points.  There are a few 3s/combo 3/4s with a ton of potential (Randolph/Green), a bunch of very undersized guards (Gordon, Bayless-whom the Wolves should not draft under any circumstances-, Augustin), and unproven/underwhelming big men (Thabeet, Lopez, Hibbert).  Gallinari appears to have a game the Wolves need (I've now seen 7 of his games) but it's very hard to tell how a 19 year old Euroleaguer will play in the NBA.  I'm more and more of the opinion that if the Wolves fall to 6th, they should do their best to trade down or suck it up and take CDR: a big wing player who would nicely compliment Foye in the backcourt. 

I'm going to add another feature to the last pre-lotto draft board: 2nd Round Steals.  If the Wolves are going to hold on to their top 2nd rounders, they should have a few nice players to choose from.  With no further delay, here's the list:

  1. Pat Calathes- Senior from St. Joes would add legit size, shooting ability, and b-ball IQ to the Wolves' bench. 
  2. Shan Foster- 6'6" off guard was a star for Vandy.  Not tremendously athletic or quick, but another lengthy player who could come off the bench and hit 3s.  Tremendous character guy who also has top-shelf b-ball IQ.
  3. Kyle Weaver- Another 6'6" off guard who can play tremendous defense as well as run the offense for limited stretches.  Another senior.  Would be nice paring in the backcourt with Foye or Shaddy or whatever undersized guard comes off the bench. 
  4. David Padgett- I know there are injury concerns.  I know he would be a stretch even at the top of the 2nd round.  However, here's another high-IQ senior who simply knows how to play.  Did you see him play d and pass out of the post in the tourney?  Imagine what a solid passing big could do next to Big Al, if only for 15-20 minutes/game.
  5. Jason Thompson/Devon Hardin- If either of these long players end up still available at the top of the 2nd round, the Wolves could do worse.  They're likely not starting centers at the next level but they are an athletic improvement over players the Wolves currently run out along side Big Al. 

Obviously, if a player like Chase Budinger falls into their lap with the top 2nd round pick, they need to pull the trigger, but these are the 5 (6) players I think the Wolves should keep an eye on if they are going to keep their 2nd round picks. 


That about does it this time around.  Once the lotto happens, I'll run a mock draft for the first few picks as well as update the Wolves' draft board. 

Until later.