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Found on ESPN...

Quite a few folks love ESPN's Bill Simmons; I'm personally lukewarm. Living in a market where homerism is taken to a new level, to see it displayed on a national stage when he discusses his Boston teams gives me a bad case of Sid-itus. Still, he's funny and honest, both qualities Sid lacks. And, he has no stories about bringing pro basketball to the Twin Cities in the 1940's.

I was reading his chat wrap yesterday, however--before last night's Celtic-Hawks game--and was interested by a couple of answers to the rube's questions:

"KG (Boston, Mass): Shhh! I'm still the same guy that has never won anything and shrinks away from big moments. Don't tell anyone.

SportsNation Bill Simmons: Here's the thing, KG - nobody on Atlanta can defend you near the basket. You could score 40 a game in this series if you wanted. In fact, that's precisely what Duncan would have done last night. At some point in your career (and you've only done it once, in Game 7 of the Kings series in 2004), you need to screw the "I'm unselfish" thing, get your ass in the low post and win the game for your team. That's what great players do - they win games that their teams probably wouldn't win unless they were on the team."


"Dave (SA): In light of Duncan's 3 , and KG not torching a subpar hawks team Duncan has finally put that debate to rest right?

SportsNation Bill Simmons: That debate was already hibernating. It's no contest. Duncan can carry his team down the stretch of a big game, he has a proven track record of doing so (most recently in Game 1 of the Suns series), and KG does not. That's the one difference between them and doesn't have anything to do with situations or teammates."

I don't think Britt Robson asked either of those questions, but these are answers coming from a guy also who thinks KG should be MVP this year. I found that refreshing, regardless of how anyone feels about Garnett.

Also found on ESPN: their mock draft lottery generator. Bad news for Wolves fans: if we pick third, we get Brook Lopez. We did get the obligatory Beasley and Rose selections if we pick first or second, but after that, it looks like Lopez or Anthony Randolph from LSU,  a power forward who's 6-11,  220. The only good news: no mention of Kevin Love higher than ninth. Still, a foreboding wind is's just not the crappy weather we've been having. Brace yourselves.