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Guess the Player




Ht w/o shoes Standing Reach Wing Span
Player 1 6'2.25" 8'1" 6'6.25"
Player 2 6'2.25" 8'7.5" 6'10.75"
Player 3 6'4" 8.4" 6'6"
Player 4 6'2.25" 8.3" 6'7"
Player 5 6'2.25" 8.4" 6'3"


Who are these players?  Answers below the fold.

Player 1: Randy Foye

Player 2: Rashad McCants

Player 3: OJ Mayo

Player 4: Derrick Rose

Player 5: Jerryd Bayless


As you can see, the only player here with good size for his position is...surprise, Rashad McCants.  The other players are all average height with average wing span and standing reach.  NBA-wise, Foye is actually a bit below average.  For those of you curious where I found these measurements, you can click here and here.

I guess the interesting thing here is that Rose, Mayo, and Bayless are essentially the same size.  What's also interesting is that Shaddy has a 1/2 foot advantage in the standing reach over Foye.   He's got some loooonnnnnngggg arms. 

In other measurement news, Michael Beasley has a standing reach of 9'1" with a wingspan of 7 feet...which happen to be the averages of a 6'10" player.  It doesn't matter if he's really only 6'8" if he has that sort of reach.