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KG Displays His Minnesota Nice in Preparation for the Inevitable


From the Boston Globe:

"It's pretty frustrating," Garnett said. "We put ourselves in a pretty good position to win the game. Obviously, we didn't have the fourth quarter we normally have."

Coach Doc Rivers said his team needed to play better "under stress" during the final stretch of games. Pierce and Garnett begged to differ.

"I wouldn't say we're lacking poise," Garnett said. "In a situation like ours, we are trying to do everything that Doc wants us to do. He makes all the calls. He gives us direction. For the most part, we pretty much try to do what he wants."

For those of you in Boston who haven't been through the one-and-done of KG before, this sort of passive-aggressive BS is what we here in Sota call "Minnesota Nice".  It happened with Flip, it happened with Casey, and it is happening on the accelerated plan with Mr. Rivers.  KG's just following orders.  Prepare yourself for a few years of questionable mid-level exception hires and beyond-belief re-signings.  Oh, and Mr. Rivers, don't get too comfortable.  You can take the Wolf out of the Country Club but you can't take the Country Club out of the Wolf. 

We're coming!!!

Long, long ago a wise man once said...

Garnett, getting his fifth head coach in 12 years, said: "The focus is us winning. Not taking steps back. Let this motivate us. Coaches get you ready, they set the game plan, but players win games.

"We feel a sense of responsibility in ourselves. When someone in the family leaves, it's not one person, it's on everybody."