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Great Offseason Performances, pt. iv


Tom Waits, In the Cold Cold Ground

This one is by request.  My wife tells me that I like Tom Waits because I'm trying to hang on to something from my college days.  What that something is is pretty loosely defined; I think it has to do with musical snobbishness and weed but she never has really spelled it out for me.  I suspect that this is also an inherited passive-aggressive device (see below) she uses to tell me that she's not a big fan of Mr. Waits and the behavior of my college days.  However, it may simply have to do with the fact that I married an Okie girl who likes George Strait and Reba.  Whatever it is, she's grown to like a few of the "cookie monster" songs and this is one of her favorites.  I tried to talk her into Come on Up to the House but it was to no use.  Anywho, grownups can like Tom Waits too as long as they bury whatever it is they need to bury in the cold, cold ground...or something like that.