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New Cap Projections (And a wee bit of horn-tooting)


Jonathon Givony over at DraftExpress posted some cap projections he garnered from the NBA Agent Union Seminar:

The most interesting thing to come out of the seminar might have been the insight that was revealed about next year’s cap figures and the NBPA’s plans regarding the upcoming CBA. Next year’s salary cap is currently being estimated at 58.5 million dollars, up from 55.63 million dollars. The luxury tax threshold is projected to rise to 71 million dollars, up from 67.865 million this year, and the Mid-Level Exception is expected to rise to 5.55 million dollars, up from 5.36 million. These are not final or official numbers at this point, but rather the NBPA’s estimations, as they were told to us.

As he states these are just estimations, but the projections I whipped up are pretty close to theses numbers. </self-back patting>

What this means for the Wolves is... well, not very much. Even if they let all the free agents walk, the Wolves still have $51.6 million on the books. Add to that a high draft-pick, the Mid-Level Exception and the Bi-Annual Exception and they're right at the cap anyway.