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Green Rondo a la Celtic -

"Open up an opportunity
For I know that you will be
Truly happy and content with me
Measure me, treasure me, pleasure me"

Al Jarreau/Dave Brubeck - Blue Rondo a la Turk

As I watched Rajon Rondo rip the Cavs last night, I was thinking about an old Dave Brubeck tune redone by Al Jarreau off his Grammy award winning album Breakin' Away in 1981. I couldn't find any Jarreau rendition of the piece, but drug up a You Tube B&W clip of Brubeck himself.

After a poor Game 4 in Cleveland, where he had only 4 assists, Rondo sparked his team with 13 in last night's game. KG and Pierce were solid with 26 and 29 points respectively. Ray Allen once again was positiona non grata, with only 11 points, picking up early fouls to hamper his efforts the entire game.

The Celtics actually came back from a 14 point deficit in the first half, with a run late in the second quarter, dispelling some of the front running aspects of their team I mentioned in an earlier post. Still, they were at home, and the time to show their championship intentions would be in Cleveland for Game 6. No team has ever won the championship without winning an away game. There's no time like the present to break through the "only at home" stigma.

Rondo's play will be critical to Boston's chances. As was consistently pointed out by TNT's Mike Fratello last night, ball movement is critical to neutering Cleveland's defense. Rajon has looked a little too much for his own shot during the playoffs, but has all the makings of a great point guard for years to come in this league. He's nowhere near Chris Paul, but with the Tri-Core, he will be measured and treasured by the opportunities he provides for his teammates.