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"If I Share One of My Rings, Can I Have A Taste of Your Salary Extension?"

There I was, minding my own business, watching the Spurs extend their series agaiinst the Hornets to a Game 7 (The Hornets lost it along with their composure in the 3rd quarter, BTW). I normally do some sort of porcelain run during halftime, but when Bill Russell and KG showed up together on the hi-def screen, well, there are some things you just have to hold. Below is the so called ESPN "interview" clip:

Pardon my cynicism, but didn't Garnett initially reject the opportunity to become part of the Celtic storied tradition? Wasn't it only until Boston added still another star veteran AND a substantial salary extension that he got all caught up in the Beantown mystique and accepted the trade?  It's pretty easy to talk about tradition and pride when a cherry picked roster and a load of cash await you.

The biggest whopper comes when Russell predicts KG is going to win two or three championships, but if he doesn't Russell will share one of his rings. Given the rock hanging off of Garnett's ear, couldn't he simply go down to Jostens and have one custom made? In 10 years, most folks will never know the difference.

This type of staged conversation is better left private, only to be found out years later when a recounting of Garnett's Celtic years are told. Maybe then the whole encounter would be easier to appreciate and swallow.