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Distortion Score Rankings

Here's a pretty cool stat.  
As you can see (and probably imagined) Our Beloved Puppies come in near the bottom of the rankings.
The good news for Minnesota, at least with this stat, is that they are not disfunctional.  Instead, they are merely bad.  On both offense and defense, their points scored and given up closely match their efficiency rankings.  Typically, when one of these numbers are off by a large degree, it means that the team does what it does through smoke and mirrors (see Nuggets, Denver).  With poor perimeter shooting, bad perimeter defnese, and a massive free throw disparity, the Wolves do not employ smoke and mirrors.  They are transparently inefficient and transparently bad on both sides of the ball.  That has to count for something.
That being said, this stat raises an interesting question about what side of the ball the Wolves need help the most on: offense or defense?  Surprisingly, the Wolves outperformed their inefficiency the most on defense; meaning that they were worse on offense than they were while playing their horrible brand of d.  Minnesota scored 95.6 ppg while giving up 102.4.  Their efficiency was 100.5 on O and 107.6 on D.  While they had worse net numbers on defense, compared to league rankings, they performed better on defense than they did when they had the rock.  Had their 27th place efficiency rankings held serve with net numbers, the Wolves would have given up 106.3 ppg while scoring only 95.4...which is insanely bad. 
Just some food for thought.