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The NBA's Final Four

Jannero Pargo crumbles in the clutch against the Spurs. What? No Mike James?

If you don't hit shots, you don't win. The Spurs defense last night wasn't that good; New Orleans--especially Peja Stojakovic--tanked terribly last night.  The Hornets had decent open looks, especially in the second half, and couldn't convert.  For the game, NO's FG% was .402. However, the Spurs shot worse overall, at .395. This game was won at the 3 point line, where San Antonio hit 12 shots, while Orleans only made 4 of 17. The Hornets have a bright future--as long as Chris Paul is healthy. He is fun to watch.

Now we're down to four. It's Flip vs. KG, Robert Horry vs. Kobe's back. Again, never underestimate Horry's ability to attempt injury at crucial times during a playoff series. What the Spurs lack in athleticism, they make up for it in guile. I'll still take the Spurs, particularly if Horry or Bowen get a shot at Kobe's back via pick or transition bump. If Kobe can stay on the court, it's even.

As for Celtics/Pistons, I believe more in the Celtics players than I do Flip's coaching. However, two Boston seven game series against lesser competition gives me pause for worry. Detroit can take a home game away from Boston; the Celtics haven't proven they can do anything on the road during these playoffs. I'm going with my head on this one: Detroit in seven. I hope I'm wrong.

Draft prediction: No luck tonight, we get the third slot. As for the Iron Ranger screwing things up, don't forget there's Kevin Love just waiting to be traded down for.