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Scratch 'n Win


While I doubt anyone get's stoned tonight, despite Bob Dylan's declarations, the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery is upon us. Tonight I'll be over at NBA City, Minneapolis tossing back a couple cold ones and praying to the ether that we get at least #3. But, the numbers aren't exactly in our favor. To review:

  1. 13.8%
  2. 14.244%
  3. 14.538%
  4. 23.825%
  5. 29.048%
  6. 4.545%


For those keeping track at home, that means we have a 42.582% chance of getting #3 or better and a 57.418% chance of getting #4-6. Again, not encouraging.

Hope to see you there tonight. I'll be taking notes get back to you later tonight.

EDIT: I almost forgot, tonight we'll find out how much a pair of upper-level season tickets is going to be. Anywhere from $83 to $430.