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Diary of a Madman


Kevin's Journal Entry - May 21, 2008

"Damn. 3rd pick, even with the bear. Freddy did look cute, but what's it going to take for us...or get lucky?  I had to go out--AGAIN--and tell these crazy fans that I'm happy where we are. And the Red StarTrib...are these guys still in business? I actually had to opine that 'it's supposedly a two-man draft and that I love being third. And, there are eight players that you look at in this draft that I really, really like. It gives us a lot of flexibility at that third spot. I never thought we were a 22-win team. We didn't do quite as good as Chicago, but we're adding a heckuva good player to a really nice nucleus of guys that I really, truly like.'

I HAD to say those things. From the looks at the half drunk crowd at NBA City and the somber looks on the reporters faces, no one believes me. Except Souhan. I didn't even have to suggest to FSN he be given a couple extra Wolves Live slots next year! Whatta guy! Maybe I should see if there's enough in the budget to put him along side Petersen--at least to broadcast the home games. Three white guys, spinning talking points. Rove would be proud.

Screw the rest of them, I'm the Hall of Famer, they're just wannabees. That's what I tell Taylor everyday. Rome wasn't built in a day, let alone 13 or 14 years. I'm just getting warmed up. Something to put on the to do list: call Duffy and try to find out what type of scrape he got Mayo into. Today's players are so spoiled. All I could get back in the day was free beers from a crappy bar in Stadium Village. I don't want to have to spend all summer talking to clueless reporters and bloggers about Mayo's legal troubles. I've got fishing to do, for Pete's sake.

Oh well, gotta go. I have to call Love's agent to schedule a visit. Looks like another team is talking to Babcock about trading down..."