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Great Offseason Performances, pt. vii

Robbie Fulks, Countrier than Thou.  Robbie is one of my favorite song writers out right now.  This is a little live ditty that has one of the best verses about George Bush yet penned; mostly for it's lack of political vindictiveness and wealth of true character insight:

He's got a ranch he wears a Stetson he's a hip-shooting ex-oil king
He even talks like Buddy Ebsen but he's sitting in the West Wing
Frankenstein I'm well aware of but won't somebody please explain
How you get a county sherrif walking with a fratboy's brain

If ever I could put together a singer/songwriter night at a local bar and get to pick any two acts, I think I would have Robbie open up for Todd Snider...who you can see here performing yet another clever song about Mr. Bush, You Got Away With It:

Mr. Snider is also one of the great story tellers around: