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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That


1- Tradin' OJ

The speculation has already begun: the Miami Heat like OJ Mayo and would be willing to trade the 2nd pick for the guy in order to improve their current state of affairs.  Here's Chad Ford from ESPN with more:

If the Heat decide Mayo's the guy, they may be able to swing a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Seattle Supersonics or Memphis Grizzlies that would give them both Mayo and an extra piece of the puzzle. I think all three teams would give up something significant for the chance to move up and draft Beasley.

The Strib's Jerry Zgoda takes up the matter here:

Except Miami executive Pat Riley immediately talked about using the second overall pick his team won Tuesday as "leverage" and an report Friday suggested the Heat might rather pair star Dwyane Wade with USC guard O.J. Mayo in its backcourt if Chicago takes Rose first overall. Riley reportedly adores Rose and likes Stanford center Brook Lopez as well.

OK, for once in a long, long time (if this is true), the Wolves have the upper hand in something.  I don't know what the hell Chad Ford is takling about with Seattle and Memphis, but the Heat have exactly one trading partner in this mess and it ain't the Grizz or Sonics. 

If Pat Riley comes a'knockin' to 600 First Avenue with a deal that would give Our Beloved Puppies Beasley for Mayo and the Heat's 2 picks, here's hoping that whoever picks up the phone kindly reminds the Great Tanker that the Wolves already have a wonderful power forward and that if the Heat like the young man so much, they should simply draft OJ on their own.  If not...well, guess what Pat? We like OJ too!!!  The Sonics and Memphis are absolute non-players in this deal...unless Riley would be happy with Lopez and/or Mayo in equal measure...then the Wolves have to play ball. 

2- The Gap

For the 10th time, I don't think it is at all unreasonable to think that teams have OJ Mayo ranked as high as Derrick Rose.  Rose came to an Elite Eight team and gave them 2 extra games.  He played along side a superior player (CDR) with a deep bench and all-around efficient team mates.  Mayo, as a freshman, was the most efficient player on a relatively inefficient offense; logging 91% of his team's court time while ending nearly 1/3 of their possessions.  He also was capable of playing lock down defense (see his play against Rose, Westbrook, and Bayless) while carrying an eFG of 52%.  There was a reason why Mayo was so highly hyped coming into this season.  he's a hell of a player and you don't log that much court time with that type of efficiency with that much responsibility without being a solid player. 

3- Moving Down/Moving Up

At this point in the game, and with all the potential options on the table, I'm feeling pretty good about the 3rd pick.  Sure it would have been easier to have #1, but with this pick the Wolves will either be able to pick their highest rated player not named Rose or Beasley or move the pick to a number of teams that may have their eyes on Mayo or Lopez.  For a team that is a long ways away from mattering, this isn't a bad place to be in and (this is the good part) it is nearly impossible for the Wolves' inept front office to screw this thing up. 

Well, it's time to go get ready for a day of yard work. 

Until later.