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Worth Reading

Nothing gets you back to work after a holiday weekend like catching up on the sports:

Jerry Zgoda's got a good read at the Strib  on some scouting and workouts. The Wolves and Rockets are swapping workout viewing rights. Looks like the Wolves are looking at up to 10 guys to bring in for their top pick. While it's great that they're not ruling anybody out, given the large pool of "2nd tier" prospects, it also indicates that the Wolves may be looking to move down.

Draft Express has two recent interviews worth reading: one with Chris Douglas-Roberts and one with Bill Walker. CDR's working out with renowned basketball trainer Tim Grover, owner of pro-pickup spot Hoops the Gym. It sounds like he's really trying to expand his mid-range game. That should only help his free-throw shooting, something the teams in the 10-25 range that he's working out for will look for.

While CDR's bulking up a bit, Bill Walker has apparently lost 25 pounds. Wow. He's also in Chicago with Tim Grover. If the Wolves draft OJ Mayo, it will be interesting to see if they take a look at high school teammate Walker early in the 2nd round. Although Walker says he'll go back to school if he's not projected to go in the first round. It's at least good to hear that his knee is feeling strong.