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Now that the long kept secret is out about Stop and Pop's identity as a prognosticator, and the rumblings about one Kevin Love are finally revealed,  I submit to you a question for your consideration:

Two events, with franchise hopes riding on the outcome:

1) Love is drafted by the Wolves with the third pick, without trading down and adding any additional talent


2) Playboy's search for their 55th Anniversary Playboy Playmate via You Tube.  According to a report from Alley, the response from the virtual community has been underwhelming. You can read the story here. Frankly, I never knew so many moms and wives had such pent up desires. Then again, I only read that type of material for the articles.

Which will be the biggest "bust"?

P.S. - I checked with the Clinton campaign; I'm told since I enthusiastically support  women's hoops, any charge relating to misogyny are baseless.

Lynx win in OT, BTW. Balanced scoring from Augustus, DeForge, and Anosike. We're 2-0 for the first time in a lo-o-o-ng while.