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KFAN and the Wolves

As most of you already know, the Wolves announced that their radio broadcast would be moving back to KFAN after a 2 year absence:

The Timberwolves will be returning to a familiar position on the radio dial next season.

The NBA franchise and KFAN (1130 AM) will announce at 9 a.m. today that the sides have reached a three-year agreement that will put the Wolves back on the signal on which they spent their first 17 seasons.

"We're moving back home," Wolves President Chris Wright said.

While I was very happy to hear the news that the Wolves would once again be broadcasting on a radio station that actually has decent coverage in out-state Minnesota, I was a little worried that the return to the Fan would also mean a return to the Son-of-Sid, Chad Hartman

After shooting off a quick email to the always-helpful and very professional Mike Trudell, I have learned that Alan Horton is under contract for next season and that Billy McKinney is currently in negotiations to return as well.  The pair have really grown into a solid play-by-play duo over the past 2 seasons.

Here's hoping that they both return and that the nasally and over-the-top legacy sports commentator stays with his 2 hour/day day-job and, perhaps, guest appearances on fellow South Park Republican Paul Charchian's Video Games Weekly program where they can carry on together about the latest version of Halo and the cunning boobery of the liberal media.