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That 80's Show

Boston - Detroit recap

Like I said before, I'm happy to be wrong. I simply expected to be right about at least ONE of the teams going to the finals. I'm sure the NBA is quite pleased about a return to the 80's and the marquee matchup between the Celtics and Lakers.

As much as KG didn't play that well in Game 6, it looks like the Tri-Core is back to some degree, and will have some much needed time off to prepare for Kobe and crew.  LA's length at most positions and Kobe's finishing skill will give the Celtics fits. I can't imagine Ray Allen will be guarding Bryant, so it probably be up to Pierce to see how he can limit this year's MVP. I'm still leaning  toward (and cheering for ) the Celtics, but I'm going to think about this one before I make a prediction and be wrong about that as well.

Say, does anyone feel bad for Flip? I sure don't.  Here's a guy who turned down a chance to reassemble a young Milwaukee club and truly cement his status as a rebulider of bad teams, choosing instead to cherry pick a squad with enough veteran talent to probably make the playoffs uncoached. He could have also taken the Gophers job and made lots of money for years to come making the NCAA tourney every now and then. It's the Gospel according to Eastwood all over again: "a man's got to know his limitations".

Flip is a decent coach, but a better regular season one. Based on Detroit's recent history of quickly firing successful coaches, I thought he was a goner last year. Unless Dumars thinks rebuilding a team with Flip at the helm is attractive (it's not a bad idea), I would think adding one more solid veteran and promoting Michael Curry to head coach is the path of least resistance. Flip has one more year left on his contract, he could take a national broadcasting job and look for an opportunity the following year.

Since my peyote is kicking in, maybe the Wolves will be awful again this year, Taylor finally will get tired of the Iron Ranger's excuses, and get rid of him and Wittman. Flip would be in a perfect position to work with Hoiberg and come back home to the Wolves.

Then again, the sky in my world is looking pretty green right now.