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Wake up Call?

So, I guess the only time KG "shows jersey" is when they close out inferior teams or shoots Gatorade commercials? Gotta love the heart, the competitiveness, the underachieving, the capitalism of it all. A team with the worst record in the playoffs pushes the Celts to seven games, and he's showing off. What a warrior!

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Boston won.  It's a chance to match up against Lebron and his new sidekick Szczerbiak. All we need now is for T. Rex Chapman to storm into each of the locker rooms, yelling at KG and Wally that this is what they should have done in the first place, except on the same team. Ah, I miss the older dysfunctional days...

If Boston is to be truly serious about making a run here, they better start showing it against the Cavs. Extending another series to seven games might tucker out these veterans, especially if they play against the Pistons in the ECF. Other than Szczerbiak's last game in Washington, King James hasn't gotten much help from the trade that brought the law firm of West, Wally, Wallace and Smith to Ohio. Wally has been in particular disappointing.  He's been almost Zen-like...what exactly is the sound of one hand clapping for the ball on the perimeter?

Wallace could well be through as a major defensive force, and like Shaq, has to be taken out of games late because of his free throw shooting, if he's even in there to begin with.  West and Smith have been okay, but it will be up to folks like Z and Gibson to play above themselves to provide an opportunity to compete on paper against the Celtics. Only LBJ gives the Cavs an advantage; there's no one on the Boston team that matches up defensively against him other than possibly Posey.  And, chances are he won't be intimidated by a raucous Boston crowd, like Atlanta's bunch. Still, the Celts should again handle this group in no more than six, if they're up to it. Hopefully, ATL was the wake up call they needed to carry on.

Personally, I'm hoping for a Flip/KG matching in the Eastern Conference Finals. I would call it the Battle of the Playoff Underachievers.