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Love Works Out for Memphis

From the Commercial Appeal:

Love, projected to be selected in the upper half of the draft lottery, emerged as the top participant, while Dorsey more than held his own in producing the second-best workout among four big men.

The six-player session also included centers DeAndre Jordan (Texas A&M) and JaVale McGee (Nevada), and guards Kyle Weaver (Washington State) and Jeremy Pargo (Gonzaga).

The focus, though, was on the big men, and Love asserted himself as an above-average passer, perimeter shooter, post scorer and athlete who has enough lateral quickness to avoid being a defensive liability.


“I wanted to get quicker,” Love said, “because I’m going to have to play (power forward) in the NBA. I’ll be able to guard (centers) because of my size, but I have to be able to step out on the perimeter and use my quickness. I wanted to show I had the lateral quickness.”

Love displayed excellent shooting from mid-range and ended the workout by burying seven of 10 from beyond the NBA 3-point arc.

Whereas some lottery players rejected the notion of working against so-called lower prospects, Love embraced the idea to prove his stock.


While McGee was active and determined, Jordan had the most difficult workout among the big men. He underwhelmed greatly in endurance, defense and low-post scoring. Jordan missed a dunk and shot an air ball free throw.

The best matchups involved Love and/or Dorsey.

Love’s finest moments came against each of his bigger opponents, as he proving to be virtually impossible to guard in the post. During a one-minute drill in which players had to sprint baseline to baseline while stopping and shooting from the elbow, Love connected on five straight shots. The Grizzlies’ staff required seven made shots during that span, and Love converted nine.

Meanwhile, a Commercial Appeal columnist advocates for Beasley:

Dorsey sank jump hooks. Love sank jumper after jumper. Both guys were funny and charming and enthusiastic about the prospects of playing in Memphis.

It was a perfect day, really. Both players had excellent workouts.

And after watching it all unfold, there can no longer be any doubt as to what the Memphis Grizzlies have to do this offseason.

They have to forget about Dorsey and Love and and figure out a way to get Michael Beasley.

Hey, someone has to be the killjoy here.

I'll continue to post updates from workouts involving Love, Lopez, Mayo, and Beasley.  Hopefully, he'll be able to avoid the dreaded Ivory Tower rejection when he makes his way to Minny.