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Revisiting the Miami/Memphis Years

Earlier this week I put up a Mega-Deal Monday with a 3 way trade involving the Heat and Grizz.  Since then, I have seen a similar sentiment expressed on the Memphis Flyer's Memphis Grizzlies Blog:

Scenario 1:
Griz send Navarro to Heat in sign-and-trade for Marcus Banks (3 years and $13 million left)
Griz send Kyle Lowry OR Hakim Warrick and #28 to Minnesota for Mark Madsen (2 years and $5.5 million remaining), #31, and #34 (Minnesota is said to be interested in packaging both second-rounders for a late first-rounder because of roster space concerns.)

Or, if Navarro is too complicated and the Heat insist on getting back Mike Miller:
Scenario 2:
Griz send Miller to Heat for Banks and Daequan Cook

Scenario 1 is simple and, speaking personally, I think the Wolves would be well served to take Warrick and run, but I don't think it will be enough for the Heat.  Here's a slight variation on my original idea:

To the Heat:

  • Mike Miller
  • 3rd pick (OJ Mayo)
  • 28th pick

To the Grizz:

  • 2nd pick (Michael Beasley)
  • Antoine Walker (expiring contract)
  • Mark Blount (2 years left)
  • 2nd round picks

To the Wolves:

  • 5th pick (Kevin Love/Danilo Gallinari)
  • Jason Collins
  • Hakim Warrick
  • Rights to Marc Gasol (with guarantee for him coming over for a MLE)
  • No trade restrictions on the pick owed by the Heat

I think that's about the best possible deal for all teams involved.  I'm pretty happy with this one.  The Wolves trade one expiring contract for another while moving down and grabbing 3 decent frontcourt players (Warrick, Gasol, and Love); the Grizz take on a bad contract in Blount, but it's only for 2 years and they get the most talented player in the draft along with 2 high 2nd rounders; and the Heat get their guy in Mayo along with a solid perimeter player in Miller.

What say you?

BTW: The Flyer's Grizz Blog also has a nice rundown of Love's Memphis workout. 

PS: I think the Wolves would be bat-s#$t insane to trade Beasley if they have the opportunity to draft him. Here's the lineup if the trade goes down with Gallinari as the pick:

  1. Foye/Jaric
  2. McCants/Brewer
  3. Gallinari/Gomes/Warrick
  4. Jefferson/Gomes
  5. Gasol/Richard

I guess Kyle Lowry instead of Warrick would make a bit more sense if Gallinari is the pick.  Here's the subbed Lowry/Galliinari pickup:

  1. Lowry/Jaric
  2. Foye/McCants
  3. Gallinari/Gomes
  4. Jefferson/Gomes
  5. Gasol/Richard

Here's the Love lineup:

  1. Foye/Jaric
  2. McCants/Brewer
  3. Warrick/Gomes
  4. Love/Gomes
  5. Jefferson/Gasol

I like the Love lineup myself, although the Lowry/Gallinari one isn't too far behind. 

Anywho...until later.