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Questionable NBA Outcomes


Let's start with the grand poobah, Lakers/Kings WCF Game 6:

Milwaukee vs. Alan Iverson's 76ers in Game 6 of the 2001 ECF.

Larry Johnson's 4 point play:

And to think about the fact that there was an argument about whether or not Brent Barry was fouled:

Now ask yourself if Larry Johnson "sold the foul" like the clowns in the TNT booth thought Barry should have done.  Now think about a player like Reggie Miller being on the tail end of that play...he'd have got the continuation call if the shot went in.

The entire Heat/Mavs finals.

Game 5 stands out:

If the league does decide that transparency is needed and that a foul is a foul and a travel is a travel, they will simultaneously be deciding that Dwayne Wade is no longer a superstar. 

These are all I could come up with off the top of my head.  Can you think of others?  I couldn't find a good clip of the 1993 Suns/Sonics WCF.  That was a joke too.