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More Workout Wrapups

First of all, Kevin Love was the main attraction:

As for Love, Minnesota wasn't the first NBA team to bring in other big, long players to see how he dealt with that type of physicality, and Love looked nearly as good as the weather on an aesthetically pleasing Minnesota morning.

"My thing when you see these workouts is that they confirm for you what you thought one way or the other," said Wolves broadcaster Jim Petersen, who observed the entire workout alongside Minnesota's assistant coaches, operations staff and selected season ticket holders. "You have preconceived notions of what you think, and for me when I watched him, it confirmed what I already thought: The guy is a stud."

There have been no reports of the Ivory Tower blocking any shots during Tuesday's workouts.  Perhaps the most important aspect of the day's workouts was the fact that Love went up against long and athletic 7 footers.

"I know I'll be able to defend centers," Love continued. "Anybody who says I can't play against length is wrong ... And also, it's all about what's up here (mind) and down here (heart)."

Kevin McHale gives his take on the workouts here. Here's his take on Love's size:

McHale: Antonio McDyess plays center for Detroit, they had the best record. Right now, Kevin (Garnett) finishes the game at five (for Boston) and James Posey at 6-6 at the four. (The Lakers) play (Vladimir) Radmanovic at the four a lot when they have (Pau) Gasol at the five and (Phil Jackson) isn't happy with what (Lamar) Odom's doing. And some of the guys who are 6-10 in our league, might as well be 6-6. Nothing is more overrated, in my opinion, than your height, if you're over a certain height. ... What I heard was the Lakers' length was going to overwhelm the Celtics, how's that working out? Yeah, it's overrated. Those are big kids. Would you be asking me that if instead of being 6-9 1/2 he was 6-10 1/2? So that inch, that's going to throw everything into a completely different light? Again, Al (Jefferson's) 6-9 but Al scores against guys 7-2 all the time. Does Al look 6-9 when he plays? No. It's all relative to a lot of stuff. (If) they're basketball players, they're basketball players.

For once, I agree with the Bill-Cosby-sweater-clad man.  Either the kid can play in the frontcourt or he can't.  If he was an inch or two taller, would he be the #1 pick in the draft or would he still be viewed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? 

For the 100th time, here's my 2008/09 Minnesota Timberwolves dream lineup:

  1. Foye/Lowry
  2. CDR/Brewer
  3. Gomes/Calathes
  4. Love/Calathes
  5. Jefferson/Hardin

I know it's a lot to ask for the team to have that many new players in the rotation, but the closer they could get to that lineup, the better.  eFG, offensive rebounding, getting to the line, and not turning the ball over.  Efficiency is key and with Love and CDR, the team would be getting 2 of the most efficient players in college ball.  Pat Calathes would be a nice addition to the bench and Lowry would be a nice backup point (from a trade with Memphis).  The team could go small as well as big, with a lineup of :

  1. Foye
  2. Brewer
  3. Calathes
  4. Jefferson
  5. Hardin

Here's hoping that short of Beasley they can bring this lineup home.

PS: Here's a video interview with CDR from