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Inside Wolves Draft Central - Act 1


(What draft night could look like)

Members of Draft Central::Glen Taylor, Kevin McHale, Fred Hoiberg, Randy Wittman, Jim Stack, Rob Babcock,. Ex-officio: Jim Petersen, Tom Hanneman

Glen Taylor: I'd like to thank all of you for the hard work in developing and promoting the Timberwolves brand. It's been a tough year, especially since KG decided to stop tanking it, and lead the Celtics to a championship. You'd think with all the talent he had here...(sighs)...but I digress. I just wanted to say I truly think we're on the upswing. With these picks--especially at number three--we have a real chance to actualize the blueprint we started over two years ago.

Fred Hoiberg: Which blueprint was that Glen? The one with or without KG?

Glen Taylor: Well, this one! Jefferson, Foye, McCants...

Jim Stack: I thought we were trading Shaddy!

Glen Taylor: No one informed me about trading Rashad. Kevin?

Kevin McHale: Glen, Jim's been reading way too many online hoops rags. Don't pay attention to anyone from Northwestern. They're all liberals down in Illinois, especially with Obama running. I've got your public financing right here, Stack.

Jim Stack: Yes, we can...make a good draft pick, I mean.

Kevin McHale: Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I hope everyone noticed the rafters in Boston during the Finals telecast. Did you see an enlarged jersey with #32 hanging there? I appreciate as well the hard work, scouting and statistical analysis that went into prepping for the draft, but when it comes down to making the hard choices, it's championship time, baby, and stats be dammed, I make the call. Anyone else here have a WORLD championship ring?

Jim Stack: Well I did work for Chicago when Jordan was around. He was better than you. Does that count?

Jim Petersen: I blocked Lopez's shot a couple of weeks ago. How much is that worth?

Rob Babcock: Kevin, don't you say just about the same thing every year?

Glen Taylor: Kevin, we talked about this. We're more of a team now; all of us here have been successful in our own ways.

Tom Hanneman: No question about it.

Kevin McHale (grumbling): Okay, okay...we're a team. Just don't forget who picked KG out in the first place.

Randy Wittman: As well as Ebi, Avery, Paul Grant, Marcus Taylor, Rick Rickert...lost a bunch of picks too...

Kevin McHale: Don't forget Hoosier boy, you're supposed to be 20 games better this coming year...let's get started.

Randy Wittman: (Gulp)

End of Act 1

Tomorrow: the Brain Trust in action!