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Measurements are Out

Here they are.  As far as the Wolves are concerned, here's the biggies:

Michael Beasley measured at 6-7 without shoes, and 6-8 ¼ with. His wingspan in 7-0 ¼ and his standing reach is 8-11. He did fairly well in the combine, lifting the 185 bar 19 times, jumping 35 inches on the max vert, but measuring a slightly high body fat at 7.7%

Derrick Rose came out a bit shorter than advertised, at just 6-1 ½ in shoes and 6-2 ½ in. He has a 6-8 wingspan, a 40 inch vertical and ran the 3/4 court sprint very fast at 3.05.

Brook Lopez is a legit 7-footer in shoes. He also has a phenomenal 7-5 ½ wingspan and an outrageous 9-5 standing reach. He did not do very well at all in the combine though, jumping just 30 inches in the max vert and coming dead last in the lane agility drill at 12.77.

Kevin Love measured out reasonably well—6-9 ½ in shoes (6-7 ¾ without), with a 6-11 ¼ wingspan and an 8-10 standing reach. His body fat is still very high at 12.9%, but in the combine he jumped 35 inches, lifted the 185 bar 18 times, and ran very well (11.17, 3.22)

O.J. Mayo is 6-3 ¼ without shoes, 6-4 ½ with, with a 6-6 wingspan and 8-3 standing reach. He had the second best vertical leap at 41 inches and ran 11.04 and 3.14.

I guess the thing to note here is that Michael Beasley measured shorter than his numbers at last year's Nike Hoop Summit.  Does this mean that Kevin Love is the same kind of athlete as B-Easy?  They are essentially the same size with the same sorts of abilities.  Something to think about?  Does this increase Beasley's chances of falling to 3 as Chicago and Miami don't need a small forward?  Does it make him a small forward? Is Love big enough to play the 4?  The 5?

Finally, for those of you who think that Kevin Love is Sean May pt. ii, here's his official measurements.  You can draw your own conclusions.